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Quarterly Contribution Guidelines

The ALGA Quarterly welcomes submissions from current or past members, the auditing community in general, outside experts, and others interested in topics relevant to the field of auditing. If you are interested in writing a regular contribution, please contact the Editor. To submit an abstract of a recent audit, please go to the ALGA Abstracts.

Feature articles are generally written in accordance with the theme of an upcoming issue. However, the Publications Committee will consider articles on any topic relevant to the field of auditing. Issue themes are determined by the ALGA Publications Committee one year in advance. The schedule of upcoming issue themes and submission deadlines are listed on the About the Quarterly page.

Quarterly readers report that they particularly like practical “how-to” articles that can be easily applied to their own work. Case studies that describe actual methodology used or discussions of audit challenges, including practical solutions, are well received. Submissions may also be theoretical or philosophical in nature, but should include practical applications of theory (i.e., an analysis of the impact on the profession).

For purposes of the editorial and formatting process, Quarterly submissions should meet the following criteria:

  • Target length should be 1,000- 1,500 words and no more than 2,000 words , although exceptions may be made depending on the content
  • Include any visual elements (pictures, tables, charts, graphs, etc.) as separate files
  • Contain complete citations for any content originating from another source, formatted in accordance with the Chicago Manual of Style. If a work is copyrighted, permission to use it must be obtained.

Authors should strive to submit articles that:

  • Have a clear message and topic
  • Include a concise introduction and conclusion
  • Present information in a manner that flows logically
  • Include a title and subheadings to break text into separate sections
    Limit the use of technical jargon and acronyms. Avoid slang and idiomatic language.

Articles should be submitted online using the Quarterly Submission Form. The submission must include:

  • Full text of the article with a title
  • Any visual elements accompanying the article delivered in separate high-resolution files suitable for reproduction in print and online (JPG, GIF, or PNG)
  • The author's name, office, title, and contact information
  • A short professional bio

Authors should only submit a final draft with a clear introduction and conclusion, including appropriately placed subheadings, and free from spelling and grammatical errors. The Publications Committee will edit the article, making minor corrections or contacting the author if more extensive corrections are needed.

All articles that are submitted at least one month before the next publication date will be considered for publication in the next issue. Accepted articles are filed according to their date of acceptance, but they may not always be published in precise chronological order because of special editorial considerations (an issue focusing on a special theme, for example). In rare instances, we will have more articles than can be accommodated in a single issue. In the event that an article is postponed, the author will be notified.