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Apply to Be a Judge

Apply to be a Knighton or Outstanding Contribution to the Quarterly judge! Volunteer judges must be willing to contribute time between mid-January and mid-March 2021 to read and evaluate articles or performance audit reports against the established award criteria and deliberate with fellow award panelists to decide the award recipients. The actual time needed will vary depending on the number of submissions.

Knighton judge volunteers may not judge within their own shop size category or within any category where there could be a conflict of interest in fact or appearance.

If you are interested in volunteering, please complete the Knighton Judge Application by January 8, 2021, or the Outstanding Contribution to the Quarterly Application. Check out the benefits of being a Knighton judge below.

ALGA’s Knighton Awards are designed to recognize outstanding performance audits. Audit reports are the culmination of our work and our instrument to effect meaningful change. Each year, volunteer judges evaluate reports submitted by their peers and decide which reports best meet the criteria of a well-written report. Some of the many benefits of volunteering to be a judge are:

  • Judges get to read reports on a variety of subjects. They get exposed to different types of audits and writing styles. The judges develop a sense of what makes the winning reports great.
  • Judges enjoy a collaborative process. They get to hear how other auditors view the reports and get more perspectives on audits and reporting. Being a judge provides an opportunity to network with other auditors, including some they have not met before, and to work together as a team.
  • The evaluation process is an opportunity to view reports through a critical lens. Judges think critically about what makes a good report and engage in conversations about those qualities. This can improve a judge’s own work as an auditor and report writer.
  • Judges recognize their peers’ excellent work. It’s always satisfying to be recognized for good work, but when audit shops are recognized by their peers, it is truly an honor.
  • Judges learn about the awards process. By being part of the process, judges learn about the judging criteria and what others in the community consider part of a well-written report. This insight is useful if your shop submits a report.

The Awards Program Committee counts on volunteer judges to make the Knighton Awards possible. If you are curious about the Knighton process, think you could benefit from the judging experience, or you would like more insight on the criteria and writing better audit reports, then please volunteer!