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Strategic Plan 2019-2023

Strategic Plan

In Spring 2018, the ALGA Board of Directors began to develop a new strategic plan to help direct the future of the organization for the next several years. The Board authorized an ad-hoc committee – the Strategic Planning Committee – to craft a plan for consideration. Feedback on the draft plan was provided by ALGA committees and select ALGA leaders in Fall 2018, and the Board adopted the 2019-2023 Strategic Plan at the Winter 2019 Board meeting.


An inclusive and thriving community for all local government auditors working together, making a difference for the public good.


ALGA empowers our local government auditing community through excellence in advocacy, education, communication, and collaboration to protect and enhance the public good, while embracing diversity, equity, and inclusion.


Goal 1: Champion local government auditing

Objectives Strategies

1A. Retain and increase the number of local government audit organizations.

1A-1. Actively advocate for existing and new high-quality, independent audit organizations.

1B. Increase independence and authority of local government audit organizations.

1B-1. Strengthen established audit organizations and systems that would support them.

1C. Increase the incorporation of local government audit perspectives by standard setting bodies.

1C-1. Clearly represent the varied interests of local government auditors to standard-setting bodies to advocate for relevant, appropriate standards.

1D. Enhance awareness of the value of local government auditing.

1D-1. Provide information and education that explains the purposes of auditing and its value to the public, government organizations, and the academic community.

Goal 2: Lead local government auditing professionalism

Objectives Strategies

2A. Increase the impact and visibility of local government audit organizations in their jurisdictions

2A-1. Recognize audit organizations' high-quality work to boost excellence in local government audit communications.

2B. Increase local government audit organizations' compliance with professional standards.

2B-1. Provide thorough, high-quality peer review services to access compliance with audit standards.

2B-2. Expand use of audit standards and encourage understanding of how local government audit organizations use and apply audit standards

2C. Enhance competence of local government auditors.

2C-1. Provide compelling, affordable training that enhances member skills.

2D. Provide more venues for members to share knowledge and to strengthen the profession.

2D-1. Provide materials, opportunities, and experiences that facilitate sharing knowledge.

2E. Increase the rigor of auditing as a profession.

2E-1. Identify and act on opportunities to promulgate local government audit best practices.


Goal 3: Building powerful relationships

Objectives Strategies

3A. Expand opportunities for members to network, share ideas, and support each other.

3A-1. Design pathways for and encourage member connections via web, training, mentoring, social media, or other tools to create a strong community of practice and support.

3A-2. Encourage and create opportunities for dialogue between ALGA members and ALGA leaders.

3B. Retain existing ALGA members and expand membership.

3B-1. Deliver and articulate the value of members to current ALGA members to retain their participation and membership.

3B-2. Actively identify and pursue potential members.

3C. Expand relationships with outside entities.

3C-1. Promote formal working agreements with other professional organizations to expand networking, training, and research opportunities.

3C-2. Nurture relationships with other organizations to promote local government auditing.

3C-3. Maintain and expand partnerships with Corporate Associates to enhance collaboration and potential opportunities and resources available to members and Associates.

3C-4. Encourage local government auditors to participate in, serve as leaders in, and influence other organizations and the profession to benefit member interests.


Goal 4: Drive diversity, equity, and inclusion

Objectives Strategies

4A. Build a shared commitment to diversity, equity, and inclusion

4A-1. Study, measure, and report diversity of ALGA.

4A-2. Examine strengths and disparities within ALGA to achieve fairness in opportunities to serve, participate, and lead.

4A-3. Encourage diversity, equity, and inclusion in ALGA member organizations and provide resources.

4A-4. Promote and communicate ALGA's commitment to and strategies and tools for a diverse, equitable, and inclusive organization to members and other stakeholders.

In 2019, ALGA committees will be developing action steps and performance measures to help implement the plan.

If you have any questions, please contact Kristine Adams-Wannberg.