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Quarterly: Fall 2020 - Molly Xiong

Junior Auditor Column: Helping Drive Effective Changes Within Local Government

By Molly Xiong

I joined the Audit Services Division (ASD) with Milwaukee County in August 2019. Although I am new to the field of local government performance auditing, my passion to help drive sustainable and effective changes within organizations is nothing new. Prior to joining ASD, I worked for the Milwaukee County Parks Department. Milwaukee County is comprised of various departments and when the auditor position opened up, I applied because the work performed would allow me to learn and understand the county as a whole.

Rewarding Experience

My experiences thus far have truly been rewarding. In my mind, I like to consider myself to be a facilitator of change and the work I do as a performance auditor fulfills that for me. There is something truly humbling about seeing all the hard work conducted by the team being pieced together for the final audit report. The rewarding part of any audit project is seeing the audit findings and recommendations being implemented by leaders to help drive effective changes within local government departments. My first project that I worked on resulted in our County Board creating a new Audit Committee with a management response to our audit as a standing item in every meeting. Talk about impact!

I’ve had the pleasure of working alongside some very talented and passionate fellow performance auditors on two separate and very rewarding audit projects. One audit project, analyzing the County’s workforce through a racial and gender equity lens, pushed me to see beyond the data in order to understand what was happening below the surface. While the other audit project, a follow-up on our Transit system’s workforce diversity, pushed me to analyze the records and data to determine if any of the previous recommendations resulted in effective changes.

If there is anything 2020 has taught me, change is an inevitable process that organizational leaders, whether in the public or private sector, must implement in order to survive in today’s ever-changing business environments. I hope to be able to continue this journey as a performance auditor to help leaders drive effective changes within our local government departments.

About the Author

Molly Xiong is a performance auditor for the Audit Services Division of Milwaukee County. She is currently pursing her Doctor of Business Administration in Leadership degree and hopes to one day be able to lead effective and sustainable changes within local Government.