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2020 ALGA Board Election


The voting ballot is available online and as a downloadable PDF file.

What is this election about?

This election is to determine the Board members who will serve in four positions for 2020-2021. The positions to be voted on are: President-elect; Secretary; At-Large Position #1, and At-Large Position #2.

Who can vote in this election?

Individuals who are “full members” of ALGA. Full members of ALGA are those currently employed by a local government organization who are primarily engaged in the practice of auditing for that local government. All members who do not meet this definition are associate members and may not vote in this election.

How will voting occur?

Voting will occur through online balloting using the Survey Monkey application. Voters will also have the option of marking a paper ballot and returning it by mail.

How will I get the online ballot and the paper ballot?

Each full member will receive an email from ALGA Member Services with a unique voter code and a link to the online ballot. The email will also provide a link to this webpage for a PDF paper ballot that can be printed out and mailed in to ALGA Member Services.

What if I don’t get the email with the ballot information and unique voter code?

If you don’t get the email, there is a link to the online ballot on this Elections webpage. You will need to contact Amber Anthony-Dickerson at ALGA Member Services for your unique voter code.

What is the purpose of unique voter codes?

Voter codes will be used to protect anonymity while validating that each full member is voting only once. All ballots, whether they are submitted online or printed out and mailed in, MUST have a valid voting code. Ballots without valid voting codes will be considered invalid and will not be counted.

What if I lose my unique code?

You will need to contact Amber Anthony-Dickerson at ALGA Member Services for your unique voter code.

Is this a secret ballot?

Yes. While the ALGA Bylaws require a secret ballot in contested elections (positions with multiple candidates), this voting process goes further by protecting voter anonymity for all four elections on the ballot. Specifically, vote handling and vote counting will not be in the hands of ALGA Board members or other ALGA leaders. Member Services staff will send out the initial emails, validate the voting codes on the returned ballots, and count the votes. Under the vote counting process, no one should be able to determine how you voted.

How long will voting last?

Voting begins on May 13, 2020. The voting process will last until June 3, 2020. At 12:00 AM ET on June 4, 2020, the online ballot will close and no more votes will be taken.

Paper ballots may be received at ALGA Member Services until June 3, 2020. Paper ballots received after June 3, 2020 will not be counted. Please be aware that mailing times may vary due to the impact of the Covid-19 pandemic. If you have any concerns about mailing times or the safety of mailing ballots, please use the online ballot.

Where should I mail my paper ballot?

If you choose to mail a paper ballot, please use the following address:

ALGA Member Services
449 Lewis Hargett Circle, Suite 290
Lexington, KY 40503

Don’t we usually vote for new Board members at the annual ALGA business meeting?

Yes. The ALGA Bylaws state that only full ALGA members who attend the annual business meeting may vote in Board member elections. So ordinarily only the people who attended this meeting would be able to vote in a Board member election. However, because the ALGA business meeting was held virtually for the first time this year, due to cancellation of the ALGA Conference, we had two barriers to conducting a vote at the business meeting.

The first barrier is that we needed to conduct a vote via the webinar polling function while also accommodating the possibility of nominations from the floor. The opportunity for members to offer nominations from the floor is also required under the Bylaws and under the non-profit law in Montana (where ALGA is incorporated).

The second barrier is that some people might be able to attend the business meeting without our knowledge of who they are, and might not be able to vote using the webinar polling function.

Consequently, the Board decided that the only way to conduct a vote that accommodates the possibility of nominations from the floor, and to ensure that all full members who attend the business meeting are able to vote, is to conduct the election by mail and allow all full members to participate. In our case, this means using email to deliver our ballots.

Who are the candidates?

We have two uncontested elections:

  • Chris Horton - President-elect
  • Stephanie Jackson - At-Large Board Member Position #1

We have two contested elections. One candidate was nominated for both contested positions. You may vote for this candidate for both positions if you choose. The positions and candidates are listed below:


  • Andrew Keegan
  • Rebecca Takahashi

At-Large Board Position #2

  • Kathie Harrison
  • Rebecca Takahashi

How did ALGA arrive at the final group of nominees?

In Fall 2019, the Nominating Committee reviewed potential Board candidates based on information provided in nomination forms and candidate interviews. The Nominating Committee provides a recommended set of candidates to the ALGA Board for approval. In early 2020, the Nominating Committee reported to the Board the following set of recommended nominees:

  • President-elect: Chris Horton
  • Secretary: Rebecca Takahashi
  • At-Large Member: Stephanie Jackson
  • At-Large Member: Kathie Harrison

The ALGA Board has the authority to either approve the Nominating Committee recommendations or offer an alternative set of nominees to put forward to the ALGA members for election to the Board. In 2020, the Board approved a revised set of nominees to put forward for election.

  • President-elect: Chris Horton
  • Secretary: Andrew Keegan
  • At-Large Member: Stephanie Jackson
  • At-large Member: Rebecca Takahashi

The delineation between At-Large Member Position #1 (Stephanie Jackson) and At-Large Member Position #2 (Rebecca Takahashi) was added by the Board at its Spring Board meeting prior to the ALGA virtual Business Meeting. This was to clarify the position to which any potential nominations from the floor would be added at the virtual Business Meeting. The choice of which candidate was #1 and #2 was made based on the order in which At-Large Member candidates were approved by the Board at the Winter Board meeting.

At the ALGA virtual Business Meeting held on May 6, 2020, an ALGA member offered a nomination from the floor to add the Nominating Committee candidates for Secretary and At-Large Board member to the set of nominees for consideration by the ALGA members. The specific nomination asked to place the Nominating Committee candidate for At-Large Board member as one of the nominees for At-Large Member Position #2. These two nominations were supported by two other attendees at the virtual Business Meeting. No other nominations from the floor were offered. These nominations from the floor comprised our final set of nominees for Board positions in 2020.

Can one person run for more than one position on the Board?

Yes. As long as a candidate is eligible to serve on the Board and was nominated for multiple positions, that person may be a candidate for more than one position on the Board. Voters may cast a vote for this candidate for each position. However, if the same candidate is elected to multiple positions, he or she will have to choose one position in which to serve. The other position will become vacant and under the ALGA Bylaws the Board has the authority to appoint a person to fill the vacant position until the next Board election.

How do I find out more about these candidates?

Each candidate has a candidate biography, and all candidates were offered the opportunity to provide a candidate statement. These are provided on this Candidate Biography and Statement page.

When will we learn the results of the voting?

Once the voting results are determined by Member Services, they will be reported to the Board. The ALGA President will report these results to the members.