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Quarterly: Winter 2019


  From the Editor

Alicia Cline


Opportunities for Improvement: Relentless Auditing

Gary Blackmer

  Auditing a Vote-By-Mail System

Megan Ko and Brooke Leary

  Auditing the Void: Chicago Elections

Claire Kruschke and Ben Spies

  Ethics and Elections Commissions           

Melissa Alderson

  The Risks and Rewards of Auditing Elected Officials           

Mike Edmonds and Dena Shupe

  As Newly Elected Officials Transition into Leadership--Where Does that Leave Internal Audit?          

Mark Maraccini and Susannah Heitger

  CAEs Embrace and Encourage Equity in Auditing

Kristen Clark


The Value of Criteria           

Brittany Winters and Ty Elliott

  Meeting the 2018 Yellow Book Competency and CPE Requirements

Harriet Richardson