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Quarterly: Winter 2019 - Alicia Cline

From the Editor

By Alicia Cline

It’s the most wonderful time of the year, auditors!


My gift to you is a fantastic new website.


Just kidding, I absolutely cannot take credit for that. A big thank you to the Online Resources Committee!


But, the Publications Committee can totally take credit for getting this issue out in time for you to see it on the new site. Isn’t it great? And guess what else? The articles will be searchable! Seriously, try it. It truly is a Christmas miracle.  


Full disclosure: we have only transferred the past two years’ quarterlies to the new site, but the rest are still available in their old .pdf format. I promise you, we’re working on getting them all on there in a searchable format—give us a couple of months, it will be worth it. Take a look and let us know what you think. As always, you can reach us at


And the topic that is kicking off the new site is Auditing Elections and Elected Officials. I thought it would be a touchy and potentially difficult subject, but auditors…you did it. This issue covered everything, from auditing the voting system or election (even during an election!), to auditing elected officials. And not just any elected officials—we’re talking about city charter violators! 


Well, that’s all I’ve got for 2019—it’s late, and I still have a lot of shopping to do. I’ll see you next time when we talk about Economic Development: Programs, People, and Incentives. I sincerely wish all of you the happiest of holidays. See ya in the spring!