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Membership Rates
Effective July 2017, membership categories and rates are changing.  The key difference is size, because the largest organizations receive the greatest benefit. The following is the new structure and corresponding rates for both Full Member organizations and Associate Members.

Full Membership
These are employees of local government audit organizations. Local government includes all units of government except state/provincial and national. The ALGA Board may make determinations to include other entities as appropriate.  Membership cost is based on the total number of auditors in your organization.  Dues run from July 1st through June 30th of the following year.

# of Auditors

Current Annual Dues Amount

Annual Dues Beginning 7/1/17

$ Change


$ 180

$    210

$   30


$ 260

$    300

$   40


$ 475

$    550

$   75


$ 675

$    785

$ 110


$ 910

$ 1,055

$ 145


$ 910

$ 1,275

$ 365

        * New category for very large organizations

Associate Membership
Non-local government organizations, such as state or federal government entities, CPA firms, and other interested individuals not eligible for full membership may be accepted as Associate Members as determined by the ALGA Board. Individual and Retired Members' dues are $105.  Lifetime Members get a free, one-person membership.


# of Individuals

Annual Dues

Annual Dues Beginning 7/1/17

$ Change


$ 325

$    105

($   220)


$ 325

  $    150  

($   175)


$ 325

$    275

($     50)


$ 325

$    390

$     65


$ 325

$    530

$   205


$ 325

$    640

$   315

                                                            * New category


Any Questions?  Please check out our FAQ below or contact David Givans at .

Membership Rate Frequently Asked Questions

So… why are my rates going up?

While expanding your services, we have been prudent with our resources. Costs continue to rise, however, and we have gone many years without any dues increases. In light of these cost challenges and our responsibility to remain fiscally stable, we are increasing member dues.  

When are these rates effective?

These annual rates are effective July 2017.  The plan is to fix these rates for five years. 

What happened to the membership categories?

We wanted to provide more uniform categories.  The key difference is size, and we split out the largest organizations, because they receive and leverage the greatest benefits from the association. Our new fee structure helps provide consistency in treatment for members, and also applies to Associate Members.   

Why should I pay these rates?  What am I getting out of ALGA?
ALGA is a consistent and strong resource for you and all local government auditors. We provide you an excellent value in a variety of areas:  

  • ALGA has seen expanded use of our advocacy efforts as more audit organizations’ purpose is challenged. 
  • ALGA is a recognized professional association whose input is valued by standard setting bodies through our feedback on standard setting exposure drafts and through a position on GASAC. 
  • ALGA’s peer review program is unrivaled in providing benefits to organizations in addressing compliance with professional standards (yellow and red book peer reviews). 
  • AGLA continues to offer excellent continuing professional education through training and increased webinars and regional trainings. 

Did ALGA go through a rigorous process to approve these dues?

You bet we did!  In Fall 2015, the Board asked the Membership Committee to review the rate structure to ensure consistency between the member benefits and the costs born.  Based on that Committee’s recommendations, in Winter 2016, the Board adopted the new structure, effective July 2017 and pending changes to the constitution and bylaws during the 2016 Business Meeting. Those changes were approved by the membership.

During this same time, the ALGA Treasurer was preparing budget projections and found revenues would not support ALGA operations through five years. The Board appointed the Fee and Investment Review Committee to analyze and recommend new fee levels, based on the newly membership categories. The Board deliberated and voted in favor of the Committee’s recommendations in October. The new categories and fee levels are the culmination of those two process. 

I’m a Lifetime Member.  How do I make sure I can get my free membership?
We should be able to change you over in the data base without a problem.  If there is an issue, though, please contact Kathleen Young at ALGA Member Services at .   

I’m a Retired Member.  What does that mean for me?
Retired members will pay for a membership of one individual.

I’m an Associate Member that is an organization.  How do I figure out my rates?

ALGA will establish professional agreements with professional associations, such as AGA, NASACT, the Intergovernmental Audit Form, etc.  Dues for other organizations will be based on the size of the organization.  For a few of our associate members, we will have to use professional judgment on what constitutes the “organization”. For example, for a state audit organization, it would be based on the size of the audit function, rather than the broader organization.  Please contact Kathleen Young at ALGA Member Services at to discuss.