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ALGA has provided an avenue for local government auditors to meet, communicate, and collaborate on common issues and challenges, and to uphold industry best practices and standards since 1989. Services offered to ALGA members include:

Continuing Professional Education & Development
Photo from ALGA's annual conferenceALGA’s annual conference provides an opportunity to learn about new audit methodologies and emerging issues while also giving members the chance to network with their peers. Conference sessions cover topics ranging from the nuts and bolts of conducting audits and investigations to managing audit teams.

ALGA offers regional training sessions in various cities each year. These 1 or 2-day training sessions are generally taught by seasoned ALGA members. ALGA now offers live-stream of certain regional training sessions for members who want to attend training but have a limited travel budget.

ALGA webinars are a low-cost, convenient opportunity to stay updated on recent local government auditing developments and earn an hour of continuing professional education credit.

ALGA’s mentoring program provides auditors with the opportunity to have monthly conversations with more experienced members. Mentors volunteer their time to discuss career goals and paths, technical issues, organizational or interpersonal challenges, and other areas of interest to the mentee.

ALGA assists members in demonstrating the value of their audit functions to their organizations and enhancing the effectiveness or structural independence of their audit functions.

Peer Review
ALGA offers a low-cost, high-quality peer review program for members to meet auditing standard peer review requirements. ALGA’s Peer Review Program satisfies the requirements under both GAO and IIA auditing standards. With over 500 peer reviews performed, the program continues to be one of ALGA’s most popular member benefits.

Professional Issues
ALGA provides a voice for local government auditors to standard-setting bodies about issues affecting the performance of their work.

ALGA’s Local Government Auditing Quarterly contains auditing methodologies, lessons learned, and promising practices shared by members. Recent issues have focused on shop management best practices, auditing public safety, and auditing fleets.

ALGA monthly newsletters provide information about organization initiatives and activities, training opportunities, job announcements, and the membership.

ALGA annual reports provide organization financial and performance information, messages from ALGA’s leadership, and highlight current organization activities.

Online Resources
ALGA’s auditor forum is an on-line resource allowing members to post or read questions and answers on various local government auditing topics. Subscribe to certain topics or to all topics to get email updates when new questions and responses are posted.

ALGA audit abstracts are a useful resource for planning future audits. ALGA members submit short summaries of their recently completed audits and post them for membership viewing on-line.

ALGA recognizes auditors for their auditing workALGA recognizes auditors for their work in local government auditing. Every year judges select exemplary audits in each size category for the Knighton award. Other awards given annually include a Lifetime Achievement Award for members making a lasting and worthwhile contribution to ALGA during their careers, and awards for outstanding contributions to the Local Government Auditing Quarterly.

Surveys and Membership Data
ALGA surveys for member satisfaction and input for committee initiatives regularly to give members an opportunity to provide feedback about ALGA’s programs and services, including suggestions for improvement. Ninety-seven percent of respondents were satisfied with ALGA’s services in the 2017 Satisfaction Survey.

ALGA’s benchmarking survey allows members to compare their audit shop to other ALGA audit shops in key areas such as reporting structure, resources, and salary.

ALGA’s membership directory is an easy way to search for members and identify members based on characteristics such as office size, membership type, and location.

Leadership & Member Involvement
ALGA’s board consists of members nominated by their peers who work with various committees consisting of member volunteers to carry out ALGA’s programs and activities. ALGA’s leadership is committed to diversity, equity, and inclusion in carrying out all programs and activities.