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From the Editor
By Alicia Cline

Hey Auditors! Greetings from sunny California.

But we don’t have time to talk about the weather … we have a lot of audit ground to cover. This issue is huge! I’m impressed by how you all demonstrated your adaptability. For this issue’s theme, Adaptable Auditing, your articles covered a broad range of topics, from considering diversity, equity, and inclusion in audits, to improving decision-making. We even have two articles about embracing and learning from failure!

This issue also debuts our new “Junior Auditor” column, which we hope to include as a regular feature. The column provides an opportunity for auditors that are fairly new to the field to share their experiences, talk about important lessons they may have learned, and tell us why they love auditing. If you’ve been auditing for about a year and have some insight or want to share your perspective, we’d love to hear from you. Big thanks to Kharis Eppstein from Denver for being first to volunteer to share her story.

The Spring Issue is my favorite because when I say see ya later, I really mean it! I’ll be in Kansas City in May and look forward to meeting all the LGAQ contributors and seeing all my auditor friends. And asking everyone to write an article. My friendship doesn’t come free. Our next issue focuses on audit independence and governance, so start brainstorming now.

See ya in KC!