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DEI Committee
Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion (DEI) in ALGA

In 2016, the ALGA Board began addressing issues related to Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion in ALGA. Organizations like ALGA thrive on high-performing cultures in which all members feel included and empowered to contribute. Some board members observed imbalances in ALGA leadership and speakers at conferences in comparison to the make-up of ALGA’s membership.

ALGA Board Addresses ALGA Leadership and Membership Imbalance
ALGA does not collect data on the diversity of individual members, so we cannot determine if the makeup of our leaders or conference speakers reflects the membership. A back-of-the-envelope review suggests an imbalance. For example, in the past ten years more than 90% of board members have been white. Over the past ten years, almost 70% of committee chairs have been men. In an unscientific review of conference speakers since 2010 there have been more (and in some cases significantly more) men speaking than women nearly every year and there is an especially strong predominance of men speaking in general sessions.

Diversity Climate Assessment Reveals A Call for Action
In March 2017 the Board hired a consultant to conduct a Diversity Survey and Climate Assessment. Approximately 250 members responded to the survey. See a summary of the survey results below.

What were the results of the survey?
A summary of the key findings include:
  • Only 65% of respondents felt their identities and lived experiences were valued by ALGA and felt encouraged to share feedback with ALGA leadership
  • 41% of respondents asked for more focus on DEI to meet ALGA’s broader strategic goals and 31% wanted to keep the same level of focus, 22% were unsure and 6% asked for less focus
  • 58% of respondents were not clear about the pathway to get more involved with ALGA leadership positions (i.e., Committee and Board participation)
  • 61% of respondents were concerned that there is not a clear DEI strategy
  • Respondents identified ALGA’s Board as the accountable group within the organization for managing DEI improvements

Board Approves DEI Committee and Its Members
In September 2017, the Board decided to form a DEI Committee to develop and implement a DEI plan and to initiate DEI Committee recruitment. In March 2018 the Board identified a DEI Chair, Vice Chair and ten members to serve on the committee, including the Board’s liaison to the committee. The Committee held its first meeting in April 2018 and immediately got to work to identify DEI Committee short and longer-term goals. One of its first goals was to define Diversity Equity and Inclusion. At the September 2018 Board meeting the Board approved the following definitions: 


The condition that represents ALGA through different elements, which include, but are not limited to type of organization, region and shop size, age, experience, race/ethnicity, gender identity, sexual orientation, and disability. 


A proactive approach to improve outcomes for all, free from historical bias or favoritism that recognizes structural differences and burdens.  


Embracing diversity and welcoming all through extended access and opportunities.  individuals.

So, What Is Next?

Over the next several months, the DEI Committee will work towards:

  • Proposing a Non-Discrimination Policy for Board consideration and approval;
  • Developing a Board-approved DEI strategy that drives positive outcomes across ALGA;
  • Designing baseline diversity data against which to measure progress while protecting members’ privacy;
  • Improving on the measures noted above that emerged from the initial survey of the membership, the results of Colorado Springs ALGA Conference speaker/moderator survey, and an upcoming leadership survey to ensure conference speakers and our leaders reflect ALGA’s commitment to Diversity, Equity and Inclusion;
  • Establishing selection protocols to intentionally recruit and develop ALGA members with diverse characteristics into leadership positions; and
  • Establishing selection protocols to encourage a diverse group of conference speakers.

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