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Five Reasons Why We Need A Communications Plan

  1. It will establish expected cost and resource requirements
  2. It supports strategic messaging for the organization
  3. It focuses reputational risk and opportunities
  4. It sets a baseline expectation to measure progress against
  5. It gives us a direction for content development efforts

Communications is a core ALGA function with shared responsibility that requires cooperation and support across the organization. An integrated and collaborative approach in communicating about ALGA initiatives is essential to the success and effectiveness of ALGA's overall communications.

ALGA's overall communications goal is to effectively communicate relevant information to members, prospective members, standard-setting bodies, other professional and government organizations, and the general public in a timely, clear, and engaging manner in support of ALGA’s Strategic Plan.

Here are some reasons to contact me...
  • You aren’t sure whether you should contact me about something or not
  • You want to brainstorm as you start developing a new or updated committee product that will be member- or public-facing 
  • You are ready for a review of the committee product content
  • You are ready for Member Services to format and put ALGA branding on your product
  • You want to schedule an email to the membership
  • To update your communications plan 
  • To brainstorm communications, audiences, and ways to design web pages to increase interest and usability

Board Adopted Communication Guidelines
Communications Plan Development Tool
Web content writing guide

Questions? Concerns?
Email the Communications Liaison