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Upcoming Peer Reviews
To serve on a review team, you should have a strong, working knowledge of the applicable Standards and the ALGA Peer Review Process.  You should also have approval from your audit organization. 

The list of upcoming peer reviews for which we are recruiting for the next 12 months is below.  The list is updated periodically, with new reviews added and those where a review team is in place removed.  Please be sure to check back as information is updated!

Apply to volunteer for a peer review.

Upcoming Peer Reviews for Recruitment
(Updated as of April 25, 2018)

Audit Organization


Estimated Review Date

 Region I    
 Maryland Judiciary Internal Audit Department (Annapolis) Yellow   August 2018
 Office of Procurement Integrity & Compliance (DC) Yellow                          Summer 2018
 Suffolk County (NY) Comptroller's Office/Audit Division Yellow                          Summer 2018
 Region II    
 Durham County, NC Yellow August 2018
 Region III    
 Miami Dade Board of County Commissioners Yellow April 2018
 City of Miami, OIAG Yellow October 2018
 Atlanta, GA Yellow  November 2018
 West Palm Beach, FL Yellow March 2019
 Region IV    
No Upcoming Reviews at This Time                        
 Region V    
 No Upcoming Reviews at this Time
 Region VI    
 City and County of Honolulu Yellow                    October/November 2018
 Office of the County Auditor, County of Maui Yellow                           November 2018
 Clark County Nevada Yellow                          September 2018
 Los Angeles County Metro Transportation Authority Yellow                   September/October 2018
 Orange/Red Reviews    
 Colorado Springs, CO Red        September/October 2018
 City of Tallahassee, FL Orange                            Spring 2018
 Cuyahoga County , Ohio Orange                            August 2018

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