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ALGA was formed in 1989 and has since enjoyed a growing membership.  There are more than 300 organizational members and more than 2,500 individual members of ALGA.  Our membership represents a wide diversity of local government audit organizations, ranging from one-person audit shops to others with more than 75 professionals.  See additional information regarding our mission and history.

Member Organizations

The directors of some of our member organizations are elected and others are appointed.  Our members audit cities, counties, and service districts, such as schools, transportation, and water districts.  We also encourage associate memberships for auditors working in state and federal organizations, as well as private auditing firms.

Informational Assistance

We provide information to assist our members, whether they are audit directors, managers, or staff, in conducting financial or performance audits.

ALGA’s board provides detailed information about meetings and accountability.

ALGA has formed alliances with several organizations.

ALGA reviews and provides comments to standards-setting bodies on exposure drafts they issue that can affect how auditors do their work.