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Award for Outstanding Contribution to the Quarterly
Annually, ALGA and the Publications Committee coordinate the Award for Outstanding Contribution to the Quarterly. Award winners are selected from among the previous year's contributors to the Local Government Auditing Quarterly (LGAQ) via a two-part article selection and scoring process.

Award Purpose and Presentation
The purpose of the Award is to recognize an article published in the LGAQ that makes a noteworthy contribution to the field of auditing. It recognizes articles that educate fellow auditors on new and innovative audit practices and techniques, share experiences and lessons learned, and provide insight into the field of auditing with clarity and eloquence.

The Award for Outstanding Contribution is presented at the ALGA conference by the Publications Committee Chair and/or the LGAQ Editor. In addition, the author and the winning article are featured in the awards announcement email.

All ALGA members who submitted an article for publication in the LGAQ, excluding Publications Committee members, are eligible to receive the Outstanding Contribution Award annually. Winners are ineligible for the following year’s consideration. 

Articles need not be submitted or nominated by an individual author or an audit organization to be considered for the Award. The Publications Committee members nominate a group of articles for review and selection by an independent panel of Award judges.

Evaluation Criteria 
The evaluation criteria are comprised of four scoring categories: 
  1. Significance of the article's contribution to the field. (Content)
  2. Substantive importance and methodological rigor - significance of the topic and elegance and thoroughness of the methods presented (Effectiveness)
  3. Substantive and/or methodological innovativeness - the degree to which the article breaks new ground. (Uniqueness)
  4. Style of communication and clarity of conveying information (Organization and Prose)

Become a Judge
to serve as a judge.

Email the Publications Committee Chair for more information. 


Announcing the 2017 Award Winners!

The ALGA Publications Committee is pleased to announce that Timothy M. O’Brien of the City and County of Denver’s Office of the Auditor is the winner of the 2017 Outstanding Contribution to the Local Government Auditing Quarterly. His article “Marijuana Policy in Denver,” published in the Winter 2017--Auditing New Initiatives issue, detailed how his office tackled the largely untested audit waters of legalized recreational marijuana sales.

Winter 2017

This article was chosen from many exceptional articles submitted for publication in 2017. The judges specifically noted, “Very good piece about how to audit something with a lack of established or contradictory criteria.” “Great example of how taking it back to the basics can be the solution to auditing something that seems otherwise impossible to audit.” “Fantastic tie-in to the public's intent for how the funds should be spent and examples of the methodology used to show it.”

ALGA would also like to recognize Will Testell, formerly with the City of Minneapolis Internal Audit Department, with an Honorable Mention for his article “Auditing Modern Body Camera Programs.” This article, published in the Winter 2017--Auditing New Initiatives issue, was noted as significant because of its sensitivity, media and public attention, and newness of these types of programs.

The award winners will be recognized at the ALGA Annual Conference in Colorado Springs on May 7, 2018. Thank you to the volunteer judges for your support; this program would not be possible without the commitment of ALGA’s member organizations!


Previous Award Winners

Timothy M. O'Brien: City and County of Denver, CO
Marijuana Policy in Denver

Colin Stuart-Morse: City of Chicago Office of Inspector General
An Audit of Water Service Accounts in Chicago: Divining Findings in Unexpected Places

Minh Dan Vuong: City of San Jose, CA
Put Pavement on the Map: Engaging Visual Aids 

Chelsea Lei: King County, WA
Why Become a Performance Auditor: Recruitment from the Perspective of a First-Year Auditor

Rebecca Takahashi: City of Austin, TX

From Zero to 90: Auditing the City of Austin's Efforts to Measure and Achieve Zero Waste

Kymber Waltmunson and Ben Thompson: King County, WA

Traditional Audit Planning vs. Scrum