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Request a Peer Review
One of the most valued aspects of the Peer Review Program is sharing best practices and ideas between the peer review team and the audit organization being reviewed. Organizations that participate in ALGA's peer review program often find that serving on reviews is of equal or greater value to receiving a review.

In order to keep out-of-pocket costs at a minimum, the Peer Review Program utilizes a reciprocal approach to staffing review teams.  Simply put, if your peer review requires a team of three, then your organization will need to commit a comparable number of your staff to perform ALGA peer reviews.  The following policy was established to help ensure a sufficient number of reviewers are available to perform your peer review.  If you are unable to fulfill either of the policy requirements, please request a waiver when requesting your peer review.

Peer Review Participation Policy

In order to participate in ALGA's Peer Review Program, an audit organization must: 1) be an organizational member of ALGA in good standing and 2) provide a comparable number of reviewers to conduct similar peer reviews coordinated by ALGA prior to each requested peer review.

The audit organization is solely responsible for meeting these requirements.  Exceptions to the policy may be granted on a case-by-case basis with the approval of the Chair of the Peer Review Committee and its Liaison to the ALGA Board of Directors.

The Process for Requesting a Review

To request a review, the audit organization should submit a Request for Peer Review form six months before the proposed review date.  In the preparation phase the following steps are taken by the review coordinator:
  • Assesses the organization’s readiness for a review
  • Assembles a review team
  • Obtains Q&I statements from the review team
  • Obtains the organization's concurrence with the review team
  • Works with the organization to execute the review agreement
  • Ensures that travel arrangements are made

The audit organization is responsible for sending the completed background information and description of its internal quality control system to the team members at least 30 days prior to the start of the review.