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How to Pass a Peer Review

Conducting a self-assessment
One of the key components to ensuring your organization passes a peer review is to perform a self-assessment using the ALGA Peer Review Guide (Yellow Book Guide / Red Book Guide). By completing the Audit Organization Description of Quality Control System (Yellow Book QCS / Red Book QCS), an organization can identify weaknesses in its internal quality control system and develop improved procedures to help ensure compliance with standards. In addition, completing the Review of Audit Engagement Documentation checklist (Yellow Book Checklist / Red Book Checklist) on a few audits will help you identify standards that you are not meeting so that you can implement procedures to help ensure compliance on future audits.

Other ways to prepare
Taking the ALGA peer review course or watching the peer review training videos will also help you prepare for your peer review. Participating on a peer review is another excellent way to help you understand what happens during a peer review. Discussing standards with colleagues and reviewing other organizations’ work will broaden your understanding as to what others do to meet auditing standards and provide you with resources to improve your own processes or procedures.