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Lifetime Achievement Award

The Lifetime Achievement Award recognizes and honors auditors who have made lasting and worthwhile contributions to local government auditing through their extraordinary service to ALGA. The Award is presented annually by the Board of Directors to nominees meeting the following guiding criteria*:

1. Maintained an active membership in ALGA for at least 10 years
2. Served ALGA as an Officer, Board Member, and/or Committee Chair
3. Made contributions to ALGA in a significant and specific manner (e.g., projects, presentations, peer reviews, publications)
4. Is no longer employed as a local government auditor

*Specific requirements may be waived at the discretion of the Board.

How to Nominate Someone for a 2019 Lifetime Achievement Award
The entire awards process is administered electronically. Everything you need to nominate a colleague for a Lifetime Achievement Award can be found on this page.

Active ALGA members may nominate someone by completing the electronic Lifetime Achievement Award Nomination Form.

In addition to the information on the form, you will need to provide:

  • A Nomination Letter providing a brief explanation of why the nominee should be considered for the award, and specific examples of the nominee’s contributions to ALGA. If a waiver to any of the awards criteria is sought, the Nomination Letter should include an explanation of why the nominator believes the criteria should be waived.
  • Two letters of support from ALGA members not affiliated with the nominee's former local government agency.

Please upload the three letters (the nomination letter and two letter of support) as unprotected PDF documents using the electronic form. The Nomination Letter and letters of support may be submitted separately or as a single PDF document.

NOTE:  No individual may submit more than one nomination in each awards cycle.

Your nominating package must be uploaded in unprotected PDF format no later than January 14, 2019. Submissions received after the deadline, and documents that cannot be opened or printed will not be accepted.

The website allows you to receive an email copy of the nomination. Please check this option - this email will serve as the official confirmation that your online submission was received. The Awards Program Committee will also send a confirmation email when nominating documents are uploaded to the website. If you have not received confirmation within three days, you must contact the Awards Program Committee Chair, Lisa Monteiro. The submitting individual is solely responsible for ensuring that all submission documents are uploaded to the website.

For more detailed information about the Lifetime Achievement Award and nomination process, see the 2019 Lifetime Achievement Award Program Description.

Past Recipients
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