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Lifetime Achievement Award

About the Lifetime Achievement Awards
The Lifetime Achievement Award is presented by the Board of Directors to nominees meeting criteria regarding their long-standing service to both ALGA and the local government auditing community. 
The Lifetime Achievement Award recognizes and honors auditors who have made lasting and worthwhile contributions to local government auditing through their extraordinary service to ALGA. The Award is presented annually by the Board of Directors to nominees meeting the following guiding criteria:

  1. Maintained an active membership in ALGA for at least 10 years
  2. Served ALGA as an Officer, Board Member, or Committee Chair
  3. Contributed to ALGA in ways that were significant and introduced, improved, or sustained ALGA’s initiatives, programs, or mission
  4. Retired from the local government auditing profession

Congratulations to the 2017 Lifetime Achievement Award Recipients!
The Board of Directors is pleased to announce the winners of the 2017 Lifetime Achievement Award: Bill Greene, Mike Taylor, and Doug Jenkins.

Greene_Bill.jpgMr. Greene has provided years of exceptional service, mentorship, and friendship to the local government auditing community. He served as ALGA President, Treasurer, and Board Member. He chaired the Long-Term Conference Planning Committee and was a member of the Peer Review Committee, having helped draft guidance for local government audit organizations, and served as a Peer Review Coordinator for Region III. He also presented at numerous ALGA conferences, and even starred in ALGA’s first peer review training video. Mr. Greene’s generous contributions and leadership has helped shape ALGA as the voice for the local government auditing profession. After 28 years, Mr. Greene will be retiring from the City of Phoenix Auditor’s Office at the end of March 2017.

Taylor_Mike.jpgMr. Taylor
 played a substantial leadership role in advancing the local government auditing field, and was a tireless contributor to ALGA. He served as ALGA President and Treasurer; chaired the Professional Issues, Nominating, and Peer Review committees over 16 years; and served as a member of and review coordinator on the Peer Review Committee, as well as a member on the Long-Term Conference Planning Committee. He served as ALGA’s representative on the Comptroller General’s Advisory Council on Government Auditing Standards. His contributions to ALGA and local government auditing are seemingly endless and too many to list them all! Mr. Taylor has attended every ALGA conference since 1994, which is the second longest active streak behind Mr. Jerry “Iron Man” Heer. After serving the local government auditing profession for 29 years, Mr. Taylor began state service at the Office of the State Inspector General, Commonwealth of Virginia as Director of Performance Review Services.

Jenkins_Doug1.jpgMr. Jenkins has made significant and lasting contributions to the local government auditing profession over an impressive 30-year career. He was deeply involved in ALGA, having been instrumental in the early success of the Local Government Auditing Quarterly, the Peer Review Program, and ALGA annual conferences. He served on the Editorial board, as LGAQ Editor, ListServ Moderator, and Peer Review Team Member. Mr. Jenkins contributed numerous articles to the LGAQ, and planned, attended, and spoke at many ALGA conferences. His contributions laid the groundwork for and shaped the way ALGA members network and share information. Mr. Jenkins retired from Milwaukee County Comptroller’s Audit Division in October 2014.

The Awards Committee unanimously voted to recommend these nominations to the ALGA Board, and the Board approved awarding the 2017 Lifetime Achievement Award to Bill Greene, Doug Jenkins, and Mike Taylor. Congratulations!

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