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Lifetime Achievement Award

Congratulations to the 2019 Lifetime Achievement Award Recipients!

The Board of Directors is pleased to announce the winners of the 2019 Lifetime Achievement Award: Erin Kenney, Harriet Richardson, and J.C. Squires.

Erin Kinney.jpegErin Kenney has been a key contributor to the high quality and success of ALGAs peer review program. This extends from each individual review she has led or coordinated to overseeing the excellence of the overall peer review program. Erin has also developed and led numerous trainings both regionally and at the annual ALGA conference in past years to help train new reviews for the program. She has been an enthusiastic, highly effective co-instructor for numerous peer review workshops, a skillful and professional coordinator for countless peer reviews, and an exceptional leader as Committee Chair. She continues to serve, now in her tenth year, as a trusted advisor to the Peer Review Committee. Erin’s enthusiasm has encouraged many members of ALGA to expand their knowledge of the GAS Yellow Book and pursue development opportunities as a peer reviewer. Her professionalism, wit, wisdom, and support, along with her commitment to local government auditing and her many contributions to ALGA, make her very deserving of this honor.

Harriet Richardson.jpeg
Harriet Richardson has dedicated her career to the advancement and support of performance auditing and routinely demonstrates a commitment to improving local government performance and accountability. She served on the Board for many years and with distinction as ALGA’s 2005-06 President. Even after her term as President, she has continued support the organization, such as serving as the chair of the Professional Issues Committee and as ALGA’s representative on the Government Auditing Standards Advisory Council. She is a frequent presenter at ALGA regional trainings, webinars, and the annual conference; has authored several articles in the Local Government Auditing Quarterly; and has led and participated in many peer reviews. She also served on the Association of Government Accountants' Financial Management Standards Board, which facilitated an important relationship for ALGA. With Harriet's extraordinary service to ALGA and dedication to local government auditing that resulted in significant contributions to our profession, ALGA is recognizing an individual whose work truly embodies ALGA’s mission.

JC Squires.jpegJ.C. Squires As an active member, committee member, Board member, and ALGA’s thirteenth president, J.C. provided energy and leadership during the late ‘90s and early ‘00s—a critical time in ALGA’s growth. He saw the opportunity to solidify ALGA’s position as the preeminent authority on local government auditing and he provided leadership to advance that goal. His work on drafting and implementing our strategic plan was instrumental in moving ALGA to the “next level.” As well, J.C. recognized that ALGA needed a logo that represented what local government auditors do; working with a graphic artist, he created the logo we use today. He also hosted the 2001 conference in Long Beach, where he worked as Assistant City Auditor; it was the first ALGA conference to draw over 300 attendees. J.C. created the long-term conference planning committee and served as the first chair, the foresight of which has helped ALGA tremendously as the conference has grown in size. With J.C.’s service to ALGA and the proven impact he has had on the organization, selecting him for this distinction recognizes an effective leader who created a great foundation for members and volunteers to not only get involved, but to get a sure sense of accomplishment from their service.

The Awards Program Committee unanimously voted to recommend these nominations to the ALGA Board, and the Board approved awarding the 2019 Lifetime Achievement Award to Erin Kenney, Harriet Richardson, and J.C. Squires. Congratulations!

About the Lifetime Achievement Awards

The Lifetime Achievement Award recognizes and honors auditors who have made lasting and worthwhile contributions to local government auditing through their extraordinary service to ALGA. The Award is presented annually by the Board of Directors to nominees meeting the following guiding criteria*:

  1. Maintained an active membership in ALGA for at least 10 years
  2. Served ALGA as an Officer, Board Member, and/or Committee Chair
  3. Made contributions to ALGA in a significant and specific manner (e.g., projects, presentations, peer reviews, publications)
  4. Is no longer employed as a local government auditor

*Specific requirements may be waived at the discretion of the Board.

Past Recipients

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