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We Recognize Success
The ALGA Awards Program was established to recognize auditors for their work within the local government auditing community.

The Knighton Award and the Lifetime Achievement Award are presented annually. The Awards Program is announced at the beginning of December each year.  Winners are announced each Spring, and all award recipients are honored at ALGA's Annual Conference in May. You can also participate by being a Knighton Judge.

ALGA and the Publications Committee will also recognize an article published in the Local Government Auditing Quarterly that makes a noteworthy contribution to the field of auditing with the Award for Outstanding Contribution to the Quarterly.

The Awards Program Committee
The Awards Program Committee encourages all organizational members to participate in ALGA's Awards Program. Organizational members are audit shops from local governments, school districts, boards, and authorities that conduct audits as a primary duty. State audit shops, CPA firms, etc. are not eligible for awards. Organizational members must hold an ALGA membership for all auditors (including the chief audit executive) in the audit shop.