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Local Government Auditing Quarterly

Welcome to ALGA's professional journal page! Click below to browse articles. Members are invited to submit an article. You can also find valuable insight in our past-article archives.

 shutterstock_1219808644_150.jpg  From the Editor
 Alicia Cline
 shutterstock_274264403_150.jpg  Opportunities for Improvement: The Mechanics of Government
 Gary Blackmer
 shutterstock_653993329_150.jpg  Junior Auditor Column
 Kelsey Thompson

 shutterstock_415618876_150.jpg  Additional Security: Not Controlled by the User, Proactive LGO Security Implementations 
 Timothy Neuman
 shutterstock_344201303_150.jpg  ALGA, Looking Back and Moving Forward: A View into Diversity, Equity and Inclusion
 Jamie Amos
 shutterstock_657125929_150.jpg  Diversity, Equity and Inclusion (DEI) and Auditing: Frequently Asked Questions
 DEI Tool Subcommittee
  Auditors' Opportunity to Contribute to Gender Equality
  Kate Gertz, John Reed, and Marie-Helene Berube
  Auditing for Inequality in the Application of Fines and Penalties
  Virginia Garcia