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Local Government Auditing Quarterly

Welcome to ALGA's professional journal page! Click below to browse articles. Members are invited to submit an article. You can also find valuable insight in our past-article archives.

 From the Editor
 Alicia Cline
 266707802_150.jpg  Opportunities for Improvement: Independence and Worldly Attachments
 Gary Blackmer
 shutterstock_711282505_150.jpg  Challenge to Our Organizational Independence
 Jerry Heer

 shutterstock_566509954_150.jpg  Living Our Standards 
 Carolyn Smith
 shutterstock_512675545_150.jpg  Objectivity: Hold On To It As Long As You Can
 Mike Taylor
 shutterstock_479364574_150.png  Responding to Changes in Municipal Leadership
 Emily Kidd
  Advocating for Auditing
  David Jones
  You Get What You Give
  Colin Stuart-Morse
  How Can Different Organizational Structures Pass Peer Review Under One Set of Standards?
  Erin Kenney
 Conference Recap: The DEI Edition
 Madison Rorschach