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Local Government Auditing Quarterly
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Auditing Quarterly

Auditing Parks & Recreation

Summer 2017

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Parks & Recreation Features
Auditing Parks Can Be Rewarding -- And Fun!
Jane Dunkel     Read Article

Using Targeted Criteria to Increase Buy-In from Denver Parks & Recreation
Marc Hoffman     Read Article
A Broad Look at the Anaheim Park Ranger Program 
Lisa Monteiro     Read Article
Cash Handling Audits for Parks & Recreation Are Worth the Audit Hours
Emily Kidd     Read Article
A Hole in One? One Way of Evaluating a Publicly Owned Golf Course 
Zane Potter & Elliot Shuford     Read Article    

Resource Allocation for Austin Recreation
Rachel Castignoli     Read Article

Other Features
Membership & Survey Committee: Better Together 
Andrew Keegan     Read Article    

Auditing Your Vacation. Or Not. 
Olga Ovcharenko     Read Article    

So You Think You Can't Map? 
Nathan Otto     Read Article    

Columns & Committee Notes
From the Editor 
Emily Jacobson     Read Letter

Gary Blackmer     Read Column