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What Are the Benefits of Participating in an ALGA Peer Review?
As has been noted frequently in our feedback surveys, the ALGA peer review program is a true peer-to-peer process. One of the most valued aspects of the program is sharing best practices and ideas between the peer review team and the audit organization being reviewed. Organizations that participate in ALGA’s peer review program often find that serving on reviews is of equal or greater value to receiving a review. The auditors participating on reviews usually come back energized with practical ideas about how to improve their own organization’s processes.

Peer review team members who maintain certifications under the Institute of Internal Auditors may receive up to 10 Continuing Professional Education (CPE) credits when performing an ALGA Peer Review. For guidance on specific certification limits, see Administrative Directive Number 4 Continuing Professional Education and Continuing Professional Development Requirements for all Certification and Qualification Programs issued by the IIA Global Certifications Department - August 2015.

Please note: the GAO does not accept peer review participation for CPE under Government Auditing Standards.

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1. What Are the Benefits of Participating in an ALGA Peer Review?
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